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eHow/YouTube Life hacks give us cheap, elegant ways to stay The life hack: Empty ketchup bottles make excellent batter holders and. You've probably been using ketchup cups from fast food restaurants for your entire life. But have you ever heard of this easy hack?. From using sauce to clean your jewellery to making cheap a face mask, here are 20 clever hacks for tomato ketchup.

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Life Hacks. Izza SofiaDesign Taxi. Pore strips reviews an amazing prawn cocktail sauce by combining tomato ketchup, Worcester sauce, horseradish and lemon juice.

Ketchup hack

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If you thought tomato sauce was just for meal times, think again! These handy hacks and tips show just how versatile ketchup really is. If your cooking pans or copper trinkets are starting to dull, shine them up like new by massaging them with ketchup and watching it dissolve away the tarnish. Repair any chlorine damage to your locks by rubbing in some ketchup and letting it set for about 20 minutes.

Unique hydroponics coupon code food is ketchup hack pretty easy. We grab it on the go, or at two in the morning on a drunken Friday night. Either way, humans always look to make something easy even easier. So, why not make take out even more simple? These hacks will heighten your fast food dining experience.

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2. Wooden spoons don't stop pots of water from boiling over. ketchup hack

This is an excellent solution if you're chowing down on the go or balancing lunch in your lap. From using sauce to clean your jewellery to making cheap a face mask, here are 20 clever hacks for tomato ketchup. The struggle is real but so is this not-so-secret hack. Two flavors of homemade ketchup - made in minutes with pantry staples! Honey Cinnamon Ketchup. It's Healthy Kitchen Hacks Wednesday – the day we share. The quick and easy hack has impressed people everywhere, with many showing evidence that it's also worked for them. A mum has revealed one of her amazing tips for cleaning rusty furniture, and it's gone down a treat with fellow cleaning hack lovers. Jo Nichol, from Emsworth shared. A thrifty mum found you can use bog standard tomato ketchup to make your drains sparkling clean. Mrs Hinch might be making cleaning glamorous again, but make no mistake, there is nothing much fun about cleaning drains. But thankfully one Australian mum has shared her savvy tip to. ketchup hack

The only problem with these delicious, salty sides has been finding a way to dip them in ketchup.

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I end up with sticky, ketchup-y fingers; and worst yet, I still don't have enough stinkin' ketchup. Is this the "real" purpose for the design of the fry box? If you really love roast beef that much, why not get more of it? Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. I'm sure you're familiar with McDonald's fries. As it turns out, you can indeed bend the flap back to make a nice little platform for your ketchup. Still, this could get a little messy in the car. Keep it real with this McDonalds life hack. KETCHUP HACK

15 Fast Food Hacks That'll Make Your Mouth Water

Nov 07,  · If you’re using a traditional glass Heinz ketchup bottle, there is a secret way to easily get every drop of ketchup out. According to Heinz’s website, you shouldn’t be smacking the bottom of the bottle to get the ketchup jafoste.sited, you should be hitting the “sweet spot,” a.k.a. the “57” marked near the neck of the bottle. Jan 08,  · But hey, if it works for you then it’s a pretty great hack! If you’re looking for a different ketchup dipping tip, user Heartdropsdaily has another solution to keep your hands free from that messy ketchup business: ripping off the top of the ketchup package completely, to allow for dipping fries directly into the packet. This seems, to a. Aug 02,  · Now you’re wiggling a knife in the glass ketchup bottle and the ketchup has gone everywhere. Tap the Neck. Well here’s a simple hack that not many people know about that should put an end to this misery. If you simply tap the bottle on the neck, just where it begins to narrow, the ketchup should slip out easily. 15 Fast Food Hacks That'll Make Your Mouth Water And you thought fast food couldn't get any easier Katia Kleyman let’s dive into the first one. When you order French fries at McDonalds, you usually end up putting the ketchup on top of a napkin. But, actual fry container works as a ketchup holder. Just flip back the top and you have a. Nov 18,  · Want to know how to clean a copper pot with ketchup?Then you’ve come to the right place! After I posted my cleaning hack on how to clean a copper pot with vinegar and salt, I received comments about how you could also clean a copper pot with ketchup and Bar Keepers Friend. Now, the latter made sense to me, but the former made me gag: you clean pots with a condiment? We've all been in the car faced with the same dilemma, how are you gonna get your fries wet with some delicious ketchup? Try to squeeze a perfect amount onto a single fry? False -- not even a. KETCHUP HACK